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Benefit from the cleanest renewable source of energy that exists: the Sun!

Going green with a solar system on Maui has never been easier. Now you can have a solar system on your rooftop to produce the electricity you need for your home or business.

With Solar Panels Maui, going solar is just a phone call away!

Why choose us?

Solar Panels Maui is a premium solar company based on Maui. We provide top-quality solar services for home and business owners on the island. If you’re planning to go solar, read our stellar reviews below to find out why we are the best solar company on the island!

I have had my system for over 5 years and it is performing as promised; I love it! Nola S.


When I sold my Big Island home, Mitch took care of transferring my solar system to the new home owners. Recently I bought a new home and Mitch is helping me go solar in Wailuku. Bill P.


Mitch is a “help you make a final decision” type of salesperson. He goes above and beyond to take the time to hear your concerns, suggest workable ideas and ultimately leaves the decision to you. It helps to be able to explore the different options without being guided into what makes the company the most money.

I appreciate his work style and how he understands how hard we work to take care of our Ohana here on Maui. Margaret S.


Mitch made me feel comfortable, allowed me to ask questions, and helped me bring down my electric bill and increase my air conditioning usage! I am really glad I am using Mitch! Charlene I.


Benefit from our zero down solar on Maui – Lowest Payments, Full Tax Credits!

Are you still worried about how to finance your solar system?

We are offering all our customers a zero down payment option to make it easier for you to go solar! The best part is, everyone is eligible. Whether you’re a home or business owner, you can opt in for our zero down solar program on Maui. We are just a phone call or an email away, contact us now to get started.

With Solar Panels Maui, going solar is the easiest thing you can imagine!

Take advantage of our no-obligation Solar consultation on Maui

We offer all potential customers the opportunity to communicate with us via phone or in-home, where we can assess the situation through a solar inspection. You can talk to us about going solar for your home or business. You can ask about the benefits of installing a solar system, ROI, warranty, PV panels, financing, maintenance and any other question. Our solar consultation is a free no-obligation session and everyone is invited.

Earn $1,000 With Our Solar Referral Program

We are offering $1,000 for each customer you refer to our business. You’re not required to have a solar system on your rooftop before you can refer anyone or earn the reward!

You can refer as many people as you’d like and earn $1,000 on each referral once they install a solar system for their home.

Book Your Solar Consultation WITHOUT Making  a Call or Sending an Email!

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Get a roof repair on a solar loan!

What if your roof isn’t strong enough to hold solar PV panels?

You shouldn’t worry about the extra costs of fixing your roof. Solar Panels Maui now offers roof repairs and replacement and can wrap the cost of a solar system in a single loan. Going solar has never been easier.

Excellent customer support. Installation in less than 90 days

Our customer support team is always excited to help. We are dedicated to proving all the support and information you need at every stage of going solar and provide a new Solar installation in  90 days or less!

We are never too busy to respond to enquiries. You can contact us via email or phone and you’ll get a quick response. Contact Solar Panels Maui today and you’ll be glad you did.

Enjoy the perks of going solar on Maui. YOU own the system, YOU are in control!

You can get rid of your electricity bills completely by going solar. Also, solar energy is the cleanest energy on the planet. It’s safe for plants, animals, humans, and the entire environment. Going solar on the island with Maui Solar Panels also means boosting the local economy.

Even more, when you go solar on Maui, you’re making the entire island a safer and better place for everyone including plants and animals.  

Ready to go green on Maui?

Self-Schedule an Appointment (Click Here) or call or text Mitch at 808-214-8128.