$0 Down or $0 Payment Solar

The largest residential solar company in Hawaii

Is a Home Depot & Costco Partner Company

The only company with a 10 day cancellation policy

25 year warranty on Entire System




Mitch is a “help you make a final decision” type of salesperson. He goes above and beyond to take the time to hear your concerns, suggest workable ideas and ultimately leaves the decision to you. It helps to be able to explore the different options without being guided into what makes the company the most money.

I appreciate his work style and how he understands how hard we work to take care of our Ohana here on Maui.

Margaret S.


I have had my Sunrun system for over 5 years and it is performing as promised; I love it!

Nola S.


When I sold my Big Island home, Sunrun took care of transferring my solar system to the new home owners. Recently I bought a new home and Mitch is helping me go solar with Sunrun in Wailuku.

Bill P.


Mitch made me feel comfortable, allowed me to ask questions, and helped me bring down my electric bill and increase my air conditioning usage! I am really glad I am using Sunrun!

Charlene I.


Call or text Mitch at Sunrun – 808-202-4292 or Schedule an appointment above-