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What should you expect during the solar consultation?

Our solar consultation is an interactive session via phone  with the opportunity to ask our solar experts questions about solar systems. This includes questions about solar system financing, installation, warranty, solar tax credits and benefits, producing your own energy, and maintenance etc.

During the consultation, we will show you how a solar system will produce electricity in your home.

The best part is, what we are offering is a no-commitment solar consultation.

Hawaii Online Solar Consultation

It’s important to have all the required information you need before making up your mind about having a solar system installed on your rooftop. At Solar Panels Maui and Big Island, we understand that you most likely have several questions you’d like to ask about solar systems, financing, and installations.

Why is the solar consultation important?

The essence of the consultation is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about going solar. Solar is a long-term investment and making an informed decision is key to getting the most out of your solar investment.

Based on the outcome of the consultation, our solar panel experts will determine the best possible solar panels and components you need. We will also provide recommendations for the groundwork system design.

More so, we will provide various financing options, including our zero down payment option. This will give you a precise idea of the overall cost of the solar installation.

Here’s what our Solar consultations include

Property analysis

Conducting a feasibility study of your home which includes inspecting your property to determine the most appropriate spot for installing the solar panels.

Our team of solar PV panels installation experts can figure out the most appropriate spot to install your solar panels for maximum exposure to sunlight.

Roof assessment

Since the roof is directly facing sunlight, your rooftop is one of the best places for installing solar panels. Our roofing experts with extensive knowledge of home construction will assess your roof to figure out if its suitable for solar panel installation.

If your roof has any defect, you shouldn’t worry about the extra cost of fixing it. We offer roof repairs and replacement and can wrap the cost of a solar system in a single loan. It is more convenient and cost effective to hire just one contractor who can offer both services and within a single loan.

Electricity consumption audit

Our solar panel experts will review your home’s energy consumption rate. The process often includes reviewing your electricity bills to assess your historical record of energy consumption. Once the assessment is complete, our solar system installation experts can figure out the number of PV panels you need to offset your electricity consumption.

Solar saving audit

Based on your energy consumption audit and solar system recommendation, our solar system experts can help you figure out the amount of money you can save per month and per year by going solar. That means you’ll have an idea of the ROI (return of investment) to expect by going solar.

Professional advice

Also, you’ll get expert advice about up-to-date developments and innovation in solar energy. This includes relevant information on the various types of solar PV panels to choose from, their capacity, durability, and costs etc.


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